Grain repair

Sample plaques

Project Management

We support our customers already in the intial project phase with the creation of the texture DNA customized to the product shape. Our global team allows you unlimited diversity of ideas.

Architexture guarantees your product innovation.

From the Design to the functional texture

All activities of the Standex Engraving Group in the texture development are managed by Design Studios and Pattern Development units and updated in a worldwide linked portal.

We have a global team of experienced Designers and Developers who are constantly working on development of new ideas and textures.


We can develop any texture type for any customer – the ideas are unlimited.


The parameters for an optimal texture such as steel specification, the texture itself as well as its depth and the mold geometry are taken into consideration from the beginning.  We develop optimal textures for our customers in terms of design and functionality of the end product.

Virtual Grain Mapping

We virtually map your texture onto your part via our Render Technology while product characteristics such as color, gloss, roughness or material are considered in the virtual view too.


You can influence the desired texture flow up to the smallest detail.


Your decision for the respective textures of the prototypes to be produced upfront is facilitated by using product visualization.


Our texture on your part

We wrap your prototype parts and models with our Model-Tech Technology with the desired texture, color and gloss level similar to serial conditions.



  • Definiton of the texture type in the early design phase
  • Equipping of the complete car interior for exhibition cars
  • Texturing of clay models for Management Board reviews and press cars

Everything textured by one single source


Nickel Shells

We texture complete car interiors with all available technologies and thus allow to achieve an appearance harmony on different materials produced by different processes.


Already in the design phase you can save time and money as we conduct the texture development in parallel instead of sequentially.

Embossed Rollers



Measure, record and analyse


With our 3D scan system we digitalize from smallest free form surfaces up to big complex molds our sample parts. The resulting CAD data are used for target-actual comparison and are provided as a measurement protocol.



Laser scan:

Via 3D laser scan we conduct topographical analysis. Furthermore reports such as area distributions, histograms and section cuts can be displayed.



Roughness and gloss level measurement:

Hommel Etamic W10

Byk Gardner

Fast and reliable service

In case of wear or damages of the texture in your molds we are at your disposal as a reliable service partner worldwide.


We carry out texture repairs in our plants with the usual quality. In case of timely critical issues or very big molds we conduct the repair also on-site. This saves you high costs due to production losses and transport.


Please contact us in order to coordinate the processing of the texture repair.


Your contact person for repair requirements:

Krefeld – Bodo Jansen

Tel. +49 (0)2151 371239


Öhringen – Erich Conradt

Tel. +49 (0)7941 917030

Texture sample plaques

We produce sample plaques with the desired textures and the desired plastics materials.

We will gladly assist you in creating your special textures.


Please click here to order a standard sample plaque archive or individual sample plaques.



Global Management of your projects

Wherever you design and develop your products…

Wherever you produce your products…


…our global team supports you in texture relevant issues any time and anywhere!

Standex International GmbH - Kölner Straße 352-354 - 47807 Krefeld - Tel.: +49 (0)2151 3712-0

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